Our Member Reward Program


        we will hold the member activities irregularly. These activities include gifts of cash, a very large discount and very cheap goods; giving presents and goods which the corresponding level members could buy. After you become our member, you can enjoy these activities.
        After you become our member, If you cost money more then 200 Euros, you will get rewards Gold when you make new order. When the Cost reach at a certain amount, the system will upgrade your lever automatically. The higher level can enjoy the higher Rewards. After you become our diamond member, you can enjoy 5% discount and one-one-one customer service.

Copper 1% Among 200-499 Euros
Silver 2% Among 500-999 Euros
Gold 3% Among 1000-1999 Euros
Platinum 4% Among 2000-3999 Euros
Diamond 5% More then 4000 Euros

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