What forms of payment does MMOWa  accept?


We accept payment through  Credit card,Moneybooks,paysafecard,Western union


Sending a payment without a CONFIRMED shipping address will be at your own risk as we will not make delivery unless we received your confirmed shipping address . We reserve the right to reject your payment if it is sent through a Credit card account without a CONFIRMED shipping address.


NOTE: For larger orders we may require a Western union as payment.

Please contact us via Live Help on how to send us money for Western

Union payment.


How long does it take for my payment by Credit card to be processed?


E-Check Processing takes up to a 4 business day wait until the funds have cleared.


Credit card account balance – Processing is instantaneous and delivery can be made any time after we receive the payment in our account.


After you have sent your payment information, Credit cardwill inform us

regarding your payment by forwarding a receipt to us. We will contact you to arrange for delivery once we have verified all your details.


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